dimanche 8 avril 2012

Poeme du jour!

Simply a sham

Do you think I'm that heartless? Well in truth i am.
My feelings are nothing, mean nothing, simply a sham.
I'm floating on cold air,
But here is a secret i will share.

You may see my smiles, but they just come and go,
Just like splashing fading ripples from what emotions i can show.
Constantly pushed over the edge but who sees? Who knows?
Perhaps I'm meant to be alone, in pain in the hollows.

Fading away, a tool in every sense,
A filthy rubber that they hastefully dispense.
A new face today, what flattering words should i choose?
I love you seems the favorite,
But i care sounds soft and sweet.

It doesn't really matter as long as i sweep you off your feet,
You never really see me but I'm hiding right there you know,
The filthy rubber in the back of your mind, too weak to let go.

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