mardi 17 avril 2012

Alex and her magic tricks

Alex always wanted to become a magician, and she was equipped for that. 
Her card decks were full of aces ... all her matchboxes had a double bottom... Her handkerchief changed color at will, depending on whether she pulled it from her right or left pocket. 
She constantly asked her entourage to let her borrow more accessories, or to get their attention with her favorite trick "take a card, anyone you want! "

At home, her shows were not always applauded, and her talent not recognized.
She would have especially liked to succeed at the disappearance trick which she wasn't quite good at.
But her audience was also bad player.
"We see your shoes! ", " You would not be under your bed? "

Tired of working for the ungrateful, she went into the park to try a new audience.
The cards that come back all the time... the 5 dollars bills that disappeared... the coins that always landed on tails... had a great success.
Fearsome bandits were passing by.
Hoping to find a game of cards (or an opportunity to search the pockets of onlookers) they admired Alex.
"This kid could be useful. She will teach us how to cheat at cards... or how to open banks without the keys... "

So they took Alex who did not worry, "probably fans who want more..."
But then in the cellar, where they locked her up, they asked her: "Now you'll teach us all your tricks! ". Alex refused. A magician never reveals his tricks!
So they confiscated her equipment and tried to find their secrets. In vain.
The bandits then became angry... "This kid will do us any good. Yeah. We must make her disappear. "
Alex was bad at the disappearance trick, and really really didn't want to try it.
"Well, okay. I will teach you how to make knots. Do not move, close your eyes..." 
She then took ropes and tied them all together. "When you learn undo those without your hands... you will be real magicians and i will teach you everything i know! "

At home, Alex and her magic shows are now the center of attentions. Everyone watches her tricks and applauds her! She also suddenly got much better at disappearing.
Her parents have even offered her a rabbit, a real one.
A rabbit that makes carrots disappear with magic formulas!

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